We’re predicting a year full of innovative aesthetics and sensory decorative touches.

The right wedding décor can animate a setting, add personality to a blank canvas, and provide insight into your relationship. And while that latter point—creating a day that feels authentic to you—is a top priority, understanding popular styles and decorations will prevent your celebration from looking and feeling stale or overdone. In the wedding space, decorative elements are continuously evolving, and each year gives way to a new set of trends. In 2023, we saw an explosion of colour enter the scene, along with personalised light fixtures and custom-built structures. For 2024, we’re predicting that innovative and bold decorations, colours, and designs will take centre stage.

If you’re planning a wedding in 2024 but aren’t sure how to make your affair feel new and fresh, continue reading…

This year we are foreseeing groundbreaking aesthetics, unique colour palettes, and statement-making decorations. Take a look at the list below, whether you’re simply looking for inspiration or you’re hoping to apply some of these concepts to your own special day.

Palazzo-Inspired Aesthetics

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Since jetting off to Italy for your vow exchange isn’t always practical or feasible, many couples are bringing the European country to their wedding design instead. In 2024 we’re predicting palazzo-inspired wedding décor, like manicured garden spaces, statement floors, rich fabrics, and frescoes. While rooted in history, it’s also timeless. It also celebrates at-home entertaining that is gracious and sophisticated but not fussy and overly formal.

To bring this aesthetic to life, you can make use of walnut wood tables set with Ginori china, embroidered linen napkins, blown glass goblets, velvet menus painted with the scene; and antique chandeliers. Outside of the reception area, you could consider setting up an Aperol spritz bar beneath a pergola and placing benches beside hedges to channel a picturesque setting.

Artistic Bohemian Styles

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We’re predicting that another aesthetic will be a hit in 2024: bohemian elegance with an artistic flair. Instead of clean, congruous elements, this style is defined by merging unconventional details. The result? An unexpected and raw look. There is a messiness to this style, where things aren’t so perfect and feel more authentic and real. If you appreciate art and fashion, we’d recommend incorporating this design into your wedding. Some ideas are layering colourful geometric rugs that lead to a stark metal arch or lining your tables with rattan chargers and black glassware.

Celestial Motifs

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While celestial themes aren’t a new concept in the wedding space, we think that references to the sun, moon, planets, and stars will really pick up this coming year. The depth and meaning infused into every aspect, from the décor to the invitations, offers a unique and spiritual experience. Since this trend draws on the universe and astrology, spiritual couples or anyone who wants to celebrate their wedding in a meaningful way will gravitate toward this style. To create an out-of-this-world feel at your affair, feature the Milky Way on your invitations, trade vows in front of a painting of the galaxy, or suspend string lights above your tablescape to mirror the constellations.

Unexpected Colour Schemes

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Vibrant hues were a huge focus of 2023 nuptials, but in 2024, couples will mix unexpected shades together as a way to express themselves and create unparalleled settings. It infuses a wedding with sentimental meaning and creates a deeper connection to the celebration for the couple and the guests alike. We envision soft, muted palettes featuring a bold pop of colour or warm tones fused with cool ones for an interesting look. 

For instance, blending classic green and blue tints with marigold yellow, tangerine, and terracotta red. If you’re wondering which colours will work for your wedding, we advise selecting ones that are reminiscent of memorable moments in your relationship, whether it’s from your favourite vacation or associated with your cultural background.

Sustainable Decorations

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The world is becoming more environmentally conscious, and wedding décor in 2024 will reflect this growing concern. We anticipate that many couples will try to minimise waste and reduce their carbon footprint by throwing an eco-friendly celebration this year. This might look like thrifting pieces, renting décor items instead of buying them, using recyclable materials, arranging compostable place settings, distributing reusable favours, and opting for biodegradable confetti.

Fruit-Focused Designs

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This year, couples will use fruity accents on their big days. From oranges and limes to peaches and pineapples, these embellishments will bring a touch of colour, texture, and fragrance to any wedding. Fresh fruit really evokes the senses. Flanking your aisle with baskets of citrus fruits, scattering your tablescape with berries, or looking to lemons as place cards are all fair game. We’d suggest using fruit that makes sense based on the location and season of the wedding.

Colourful Glassware

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Translucent crystal glassware will always be timeless, but in 2024, colourful cups will make an appearance at wedding receptions. Adding this item to your tablescape will bring an element of creativity and vibrancy to your post-ceremony party

We’d suggest pairing colour-focused drinkware with other decorations in the same shade, producing a spread with a variety of hues, or just choosing one glass in a bold shade and balancing it out with other neutral ones. Given that these objects are less common, your tabletops will look more unique.

What do you think of this years wedding décor trends? If you’re looking to incorporate one of these trends into your wedding at our village, contact our wedding planner, Michaella who will assist you in bringing your 2024 décor dreams to life. 


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